MAG established a program in Ecuador in May 2020, working to help reduce the threat of weapons and ammunition proliferation in the region and supporting the Ecuadorian Military to destroy obsolete munition.

Why we work in Ecuador

Some of the existing military storage facilities and munitions warehouses in Ecuador fail to meet international standards for good practice.

As such, it is impossible to guarantee the safety of the people who live and work in and around these facilities due to the risk of unplanned explosions which can have a devastating effect on the surrounding population.

Improving the physical security of shed structures and munitions warehouses also prevents ammunition from being diverted into the illicit arms trade.

How we help

MAG supports Ecuador’s efforts to strengthen the local capacity to manage stockpiles and destroy obsolete weapons.

To date, we've destroyed over 220,000 items of small arms ammunition, reducing the risk of harm to local people from unplanned explosions and the threat posed by illicit proliferation.

We also assess weapons and ammunition storage sites, build and rehabilitate armoires and support the Ecuadorian Military in weapons and ammunition storekeeping and management.

Results in 2022

Small arms ammunition destroyed


Weapons and ammunition management training courses


Net weight of explosives destroyed


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