Your gift could help feed a life-saving landmine sniffer dog for just $21!

Give an unforgettable gift for a loved one this holiday season

Our four-legged friends are helping save the lives of women, girls, boys and men across the world by sniffing out landmines and unexploded bombs. 

This unique gift could help feed a landmine-sniffer dog for just $21!

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More detail on your donation 

Did you know that dogs can detect landmines?  

It sounds like a dangerous job, but our dogs are always in safe hands. The bond between our dogs and their handlers is incredibly strong. When they think they have found an explosive, the dogs are trained to sit in front of the area and point to it with their nose. Their weight means they don’t detonate the explosives - they are amazing. 

Often, the ground where we work is covered in dense vegetation, making it difficult for our team to survey an area. However, dogs can easily navigate these areas, sniffing out where the landmines are located. Their light weight means they don’t detonate the explosives. 

How your gift makes a difference 

Our life-saving donations show some of the incredible ways you can make a difference to families living in fear of landmines and unexploded bombs across the world. 

When you donate, your money will be used where the need is greatest across the world. Funds of this kind help us respond quickly in emergencies and be there when families need us most. 

The price has been calculated from how much these items cost our programmes across the world. 

The difference you will make is incredible. Last year we destroyed 80,777 items of explosive ordnance and released 94,950,390 square yards to communities across the world.

Together we need to get to every landmine and unexploded bomb before a child does, thank you for helping to make this possible.