Right now, hundreds of children in Nigeria are being killed and injured by landmines. They need your help.

Landmines and unexploded bombs lie along roads, in abandoned homes, schools, and fields. Any day could be the day that another young life is tragically taken by these deadly killers. We have no time to waste. Will you help us, by donating to MAG America today?

Please invest in these lifesaving lessons today.

A donation of $50 could give a whole classroom of children in Nigeria the knowledge they need to recognize explosives and what actions to take to stay alive.Until we can teach all children how to spot the dangers of landmines and explosive devices, their young lives are at risk. 

Today, over 1.8 million people in the northeast of Nigeria have fled their homes to escape violence from the shifting conflict with Boko Haram. Children in this part of Nigeria have lived through the trauma, their young lives scarred by danger and fear, missing home and school and the simple joys of childhood. And still they face the dangers of the mines and explosives that lie around them, the most likely victims of these terrifying devices of war.

Will you help by donating to MAG America today? Your gift will be the gift of lifesaving lessons to children whose lives are at risk. Your gift will be their survival.