Lessons for life, not just for childhood

Ukraine is now the most mined country in the world.  Each landmine could take a child’s life.

We are on the ground in Ukraine right now delivering life-saving risk education sessions to children.

The lessons teach children where the most dangerous areas are and what to look out for. This information is vital to keep them safe. These are lessons for life, not just for childhood.

A donation from you this Christmas could help build a safer future for children in Ukraine. Just $28 could cover the cost of risk education materials needed for a full class of children in Ukraine!

Landmines cover parts of Ukraine like a net

The full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has subjected people in Ukraine to bombardment by missile, rocket, and cluster bomb attacks. 

Landmines have been used extensively and on an unprecedented scale. Whilst the landmines remain, children are at risk.

It is vital children and families know how to stay safe. The explosives can be hard to spot, so its important they know what to look out for.

This holiday season you can help give kids in Ukraine a safer future – please donate today

“My daughter is seven. I sat with her while she had her risk education lesson, and I was really impressed – the kids find the sessions fun and engaging but they know there is a serious message as well.

Alena, Principle