Our commitment to safeguarding 

MAG US's vision is a safe future for men, women and children affected by conflict and insecurity. We recognize that we must also hold ourselves to account, ensuring that we provide a safe and trusted environment for anyone that comes into contact with our work. 

MAG has a safeguarding framework in place, which contains a number of policies and standards of behavior that MAG and MAG US staff and its representatives should uphold. We treat any allegations related to harassment and safeguarding extremely seriously. We strive to learn and identify areas in which we could improve, and welcome feedback from any stakeholders.

How to report a concern

MAG US recognizes that it is not just written policies and procedures that contribute to ensuring a safe and trusted environment. We are committed to ensuring that genuinely held concerns will be thoroughly investigated. 

To report a concern please contact reporting@maginternational.org. The concern may be submitted in English or in any of our program’s local languages. Alternatively, any fraud, corruption or financial crime can be reported to crime@maginternational.org.

  • What to report


    MAG welcomes any genuinely held concerns to be raised, which may include:

    A safeguarding issue: this includes but is not limited to prostitution, personal relationships with partners or beneficiaries, any cases of sexual harassment, abuse, or assault;

    Financial irregularity, including fraud or bribery, whether this is attempted or actual;

    Serious maladministration arising from improper conduct;

    Unethical activities which may or may not be of a criminal nature;

    Dangerous acts or omissions which create a risk to health, safety or the environment; and

    Malpractice which could include illegal or criminal activities as defined by the law of the country in which MAG is operating.

    • Who can report


      Someone in receipt of MAG’s assistance (beneficiaries).

      Other people directly affected by MAG policies, actions or our staff.

      Partners and their staff (humanitarian partners and contractors).

      MAG and MAG US staff.

      Consultants and contractors.


      Any visitor to a MAG site or office.

    • Why is there a separate process?


      MAG distinguishes this process from other complaints mechanisms because of the specific policies we have in place and standards we have set for ourselves. The reporting person may wish to assist MAG by bringing a matter to our knowledge, rather than by someone directly affected. If, after review of the concern, this is better investigated via a more appropriate channel, MAG will discuss this with the referrer.

    • When to report


      Due to the nature of our work, MAG asks that any genuinely held concerns are reported without delay.

    Find out more 

    If you would like to find out more about our safeguarding policies and processes please contact:

    reporting@maginternational.org or humanresources@maginternational.org.