In 2018, your support made an incredible difference to the lives of more than 1.4 million children and their families. Read on for stories from three women across three continents, all joined together by their shared vision for brighter and safer future.

Three stories of strength and hope

Mrs. Mukombe’s village brought back to life in Angola

Everyone who gave to our Walk Without Fear campaign has made an incredible difference in 2018!

Forced to move several times during conflict in Angola, Mrs. Mukombe (pictured below) eventually sought safety in Luconha village. She knew there were landmines nearby but had no choice. She needed to rebuild her home and be with her daughter and grandchildren.

“It was not easy,” she confessed. “We had a lot of fear. We always told the children to stay in the areas we knew were safe but we worried they would not listen.”

Now Luconha village and neighbouring Lundjacute have been completely cleared of landmines. Friends like you helped make this possible!

Dheyieh's apple orchards in Lebanon

Among the steep, green and luscious orchards of Ain Majdalain in southern Lebanon, Dheyieh – a grandmother and a farmer – is looking ahead to a better future.

While the conflict in Lebanon ended in 2006, it left behind over one million cluster bombs scattered across the south of the country. Every day, Dheyieh (pictured below) was forced to live in fear of these explosives.

“We were aware of the danger, but if we hadn’t taken care of our apple and cherry orchards we wouldn’t be able to raise our children and live properly,” she says.

Now MAG teams have cleared her orchard and Dheyieh’s life has been transformed.

Sithara's family in Sri Lanka

Sithara (pictured below with her family) recently celebrated her daughter’s first birthday. More than 10 years after the civil war ended, one-year-old Ayan will grow up in a very different Sri Lanka than the one her mother knew.

Sithara’s village in northeastern Sri Lanka was at the frontline of the 30-year conflict where landmines were buried nearby. MAG teams found and destroyed landmines in the soil all along the side of Sithara’s house. Sithara can now look forward to her daughter running, playing, and growing up in safety.

“We have planted a cashew tree, five coconut trees and a mango tree,” Sithara says. “There is still some space left so I will plant some tomatoes and chillies.”

2018 Financials

Thank you!

Every landmine and deadly item taken out of the ground is a life saved, an injury prevented, and a community given the opportunity to flourish.

This is what you make possible. Thank you!