Help Fund a Landmine Destroying Expert with a gift of $30   

Our life-saving deminers are working in Ukraine right now to remove and destroy landmines and unexploded bombs. 

Devastatingly, half of all casualties from landmines and unexploded bombs are children. 

This is not right. No child should pay the price for war.  

$30 could help fund one of our landmine destroying experts to find and safely destroy these deadly weapons and get to every landmine before a child does. 

Will you donate and help give families back their futures free from fear? 

Help Fund a Brave Deminer like Nika

Nika is a deminer and a team leader in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. 

Nika needs her lifesaving equipment to stay safe whilst clearing landmines and unexploded bombs.

Nika woke up on February 24 2022 to the sound of explosions and from that moment on, normal life was replaced by the chaos and dangers of conflict. 

As the bombs continued to rain down on her community in Ukraine, a new morning routine was established – making calls to family and friends to check they had survived the previous night’s attack. She has survived cluster bombs being dropped on her neighbourhood and a missile that landed close to her home. 

Nika knows that people’s lives and livelihoods remain at risk from the many bombs that failed to detonate and from landmines buried in fields where crops should be growing. 

It’s why she joined MAG – to help the people of Ukraine survive and rebuild their lives.

We find and destroy landmines, cluster munitions and unexploded bombs in places affected by conflict. We also work to reduce the threat of armed violence and the impact of weapons on communities. 

Since 1989, we have helped over 20 million people in 70 countries. Read more about MAG US here.

How your gift makes a difference 

Our life-saving donations show some of the incredible ways you can make a difference to families living in fear of landmines and unexploded bombs across the world. 

When you donate, your money will be used where the need is greatest across the world. Funds of this kind help us respond quickly in emergencies and be there when families need us most. 

The price has been calculated from how much these items cost our programmes across the world. 

The difference you will make is incredible. Last year we destroyed 80,777 items of explosive ordnance and released 94,950,390 square yards to communities across the world. 

Together we need to get to every landmine and unexploded bomb before a child does, thank you for helping to make this possible.